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Memorial created 06-26-2009 by
Michael\\\'s Adoring Fan\\\'s
Michael Joseph Jackson
August 29 1958 - June 25 2009

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07-10-2009 3:29 PM -- By: Mindy Nicole Allen-Lamb,  From: Missoula Montan  

Hey King of Pop...~R*I*P~!!  Love you!

07-08-2009 9:58 PM -- By: Deanna,  From: Regina, SK, Canada  

Michael, it's been nearly two weeks and am still having difficulty coming to grips in realizing that you're gone even after watching your memorial on Tues (Jul 7'09).  Words can not express or portray feelings to your family especially to your children during this time of grief.  Bless you for all you've done and aspired to be. May your soul be at peace.  We love you.

07-08-2009 7:14 PM -- By: Tanya Kornbau,  From: York Pa  

Michael  you were a legend  to us all .The world will miss you.As i saw through your daughters tears the joy and love you gave them.So long Michael been nice earing your voice through out the years ,I,ll miss you



07-08-2009 1:43 PM -- By: Susan,  From:  

I will miss your dancing. Your music will never stop.Thank you for helping other people and the world. Family my heart is with you.

07-07-2009 7:34 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Pennsylvania  

I send my deepest sympathy to all of Michael's family and friends.  May the days ahead be at bit easier.  I know what it's like to lose a loved one with no warning - you just ask yourself why and how.  Michael was a wonderful entertainer and brought much to this world - some we don't even know about.  Also, what a lovely memorial service the had for him.

07-07-2009 12:23 AM -- By: Matt's Sister,  From:  

I, truly, hope that this very troubled person is finally experiencing the rest that he so desperatley needed.  My heart goes out to "his" children.  May they finally have a regular childhood.

07-06-2009 10:34 PM -- By: Connie Davis,  From: Marion, IL  


You were a great performer & talent.  You will be missed by all.  We pray for your soul, your children & your family.

May you finally rest in peace.

07-06-2009 9:26 AM -- By: ursula matthews,  From: west midlands,uk  

you are going to be missed michael no one can every take your place r.i.p

07-05-2009 11:44 PM -- By: rosita rivera,  From: all over  


michael u will be truly missed and loved, u are now in heaven with all those who we have lost before you. i have been a fan of yours since i was 3 and im 28 now, you have such talent and i know you will never be forgoten. you have been through so much in your life and you tried so hard for your children to not suffer what you had, and even though your children are hurting right now i know in my heart they will be ok......they love you and always will.....you will be truely missed by all your fans ty michael for everything

07-05-2009 3:58 PM -- By: greg tribble,  From: knoxville  

07-03-2009 1:46 PM -- By: preston green,  From: Clarksdale,Mississippi  

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson. Your fans adored you and will definatly miss you and your music. But your spirit shall be with us forever. RIP. Preston Green Clarksdale, Ms

07-02-2009 10:54 PM -- By: Gayle,  From: Illinois. USA  

Goodbye Michael.  May your soul rest in peace.

07-02-2009 5:13 AM -- By: Carol,  From:  

Be at peace.

Condolonces to his family and friends.

07-02-2009 5:10 AM -- By: Carol,  From: ZAR  

My sincere condolonces the the family. The pain and heartache of losing a child is a road no parent should ever have to walk - irrespective of the childs age or fame.

Michael - may your soul and spirit fly free and in peace.


07-02-2009 2:49 AM -- By: Kathy,  From: ca  

Well, Michael you have finally earned the rest you so deserve. What a magnificent being you were! You worked endlessly, willingly and tirelessly! In spite of what the world may have deemed shameful, I never heard that anyone refused your goodness. Deeds OR monetary. You rock! Bless you in your Heavenly Throngs of voices! You are an asset to their Choir!

07-01-2009 10:00 PM -- By: ,  From: ohio  

my heart goes out to his family and his children. i grew up listening to your music  your are one in million  and will always remember you singing your songs

07-01-2009 6:06 PM -- By: Kim,  From: Oklahoma  

I think a soul never dies, maybe a physical body..but not one's energy, not a soul.

You are loved by millions Michael, God Bless you!



07-01-2009 4:56 PM -- By: Sharone, Chloe-McKayla' Grandma,  From:  

Michael, I was in love with you as a child you were my first crush, and I loved your music as aa adult ( I still had a crush on you).  So very sad to lose you, it seems that you never found peace on this earth I hope you are finally at peace.  Michael, You were and are the greatest entertainer on earth.  Sharone`, Chloe-McKayla's Grandma

07-01-2009 3:57 PM -- By: alicia,  From: los angeles  

my heart goes out to the jackson family. its sad and heart breaking.may god be with the mother of mr jackson. no one knows how it feel to lose a child. not even myself  keep your head up

07-01-2009 10:25 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Michael, RIP you were a big part of my childhood all your music. Now my sister can enjoy your music in heaven

07-01-2009 2:25 AM -- By: Cydney Pruitt,  From: Birmingham, AL  

I am totally devestated by Michael's passing. Although I have not been here long enough to experience everything Michael has done to have so many people call him the King of Pop, or just simply the King, I still love him for all the things he has done in the past 14 years I have been here. I am a very huge fan of Michael's. Even though I've never been to a concert or has never seen him in person, he has influenced me and many others to do so many great things. I love you Michael forever and a day. May you rest in peace beloved angel of God!

07-01-2009 2:15 AM -- By: Ruby,  From: Fl  

Rest in peace dear sweet Michael. You are sooo loved by your adoring fans. Never to be forgotten.

06-30-2009 5:09 PM -- By: ,  From:  

I am sorry for your troubles. Go rest in peace.

06-30-2009 4:59 PM -- By: sugar,  From:  

My heart goes out to his children and his family. Such an unexpected shock and tragedy. The public will mourn and move on, but  I know this loss, and I know his family will never feel or be the same.

06-30-2009 12:41 PM -- By: Tammy,  From:  

Although I was not a big fan of Michael Jackson, my heart does go out to his family and to all his fans. I hope that he found peace with God and that his soul is at peace.

06-29-2009 5:30 PM -- By: Danielle Wands,  From: Conroe, TX  

Although he has passed it's still kind of hard to believe!and like many others Michael was a big part of my chilhood! Like Michael, my brother was a carasmatic dancer, but unlike Micheal he wasn't stolen from the world by a coward with a gun, he was simply called home to be with the kings of kings!I can just imagine the two of the trading dance moves, playing practical jokes and swaping stories of when they were growing up!It's going to take a while for the void of these two losses to be healed but the memory of them will always live onin our hearts!Michael's Family,Children,friends and fans alike are in my prayers! May God be with them all! Godspeed and God Bless sincerely Danielle

06-29-2009 4:55 PM -- By: Danielle Wands,  From: Conroe, TX  

Although he has passed it's still kind of hard to believe! because like many others Michael was a big part of my childhood! like Michael my brother was carasmatic dancer, but he he was stolen from my family by a coward with a gun, Michael was called home by our king and savior. I can just imagine the two of them in heaven trading dance moves,playing practical jokes and swaping stories of when they were growing up! it going to take a while for the void of these two losses to be healed but the memory of them will always live on in our hearts! Michael's Family,Children,friens and fans alike are in my prayers! may God be with them all Godspeed and God bless Sincerely Danielle


06-27-2009 9:01 AM -- By: pauline rentron,  From: edinburgh  

06-26-2009 5:15 PM -- By: kartini,  From: belgium  

06-26-2009 5:00 PM -- By: liz,  From: houston  

I will miss u u were the best my dad is still crying over your death we are all u will be miss by my whole family i hope to see u when i get up to heaven.


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